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Post  Admin on Wed Nov 03, 2010 5:25 pm

These are a few simple and clean rules we want you to follow while posting on this board.

1. No Warez! This is a common mistake by newcomers. Do not post Warez, piracy or pornography. If you do, you will be banned. Serious business.

2. Language. When on a forum you might want to use proper language. We want this forum as clean as possible.

3. Respect. Something that is important is to treat everybody with the same respect you want to be treatened with, that means, no racism or hatred against eachother.

4. Flaming. Flaming is so common on plenty of boards, and if someone needs help with something or want to read a good post, it is annoying when someone comes flaming the topic. This will most likely result in a warning. No mercy to flamers.

5. No Trojans! Anti-virus programs can suspect packed stuff to be trojans and malware, but that is one thing. To post any stuff regarding trojans, how to code trojans or other malicious software is something else. Do not, I repeat, do NOT post any stuff regarding this. A ban will be placed on the one who does so despiting these rules.

6. Be cool. I cannot think of anything else yet, but just be cool and have good discussions about the proper stuff and everything will be fine.

- Daemon[DHC].


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